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Welcome Aboard!

Experience the joy of a tailor-made sailing experience.


Why choose us?

Braves Sailors prefers quality over quantity; our work style is different from common charter companies. We are very flexible on dates, durations and locations.

We have 100% ownership of the yachts that we charter. Therefore, we do not have to rely on others for consistency, reliability, and maintenance. 


Our Boats

Our fleet consists of two Beneteau sailing boats: 50 Tetina Oceanis and 60 Ultreya.


Both are crewed with professional and experienced skipper. For Ultreya, the boat can also be crewed with a referenced hostess/cook, who prepares food based on the need of the customers.

Northern Sardinia and Corsica
A sailing paradise!

Clear waters, fair winds, tens of little islands to find shelter for the night.
Sailing the Atlantic Ocean east to west!
People with lack experience of long voyages may start with this route as it takes about a week of sailing.
Little bit of everything - from delectable French-Creole cuisine to exotic black-sand beaches and scenic hiking excursions.
Sailing the Atlantic Ocean west to east!
It’s harder than the opposite crossing because you need to sail more counter-wind.

Weather conditions can be harsh during this: dead calms, gales, fair winds, sun and continuous rain.
Ionian Greece
The Ionian Islands is a group of 7 islands.

The Ionian sea offers well protected waters, many little anchorages that are accessible only by boat.
Do you have your own dream destination?
Contact us to put together your dream trip!
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