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An ocean passage is an experience for life.

The trade winds, sailing at night guided by the stars, the pure contact with nature and with your fears.

We love Atlantic sailing crossings.

After the summer season in the Mediterranean, we approach the ocean in stages for the Atlantic crossing on a sailboat: the Balearics, Almeria, Gibraltar, the Canaries, and then the great jump into the ocean to the Caribbean, for winter season cruising.

In the end of April, it is time for me to return crossing: from West to East, from the Caribbean to the Azores, then Gibraltar, and finally Mediterrranean sea.
east to west

Sailing the Atlantic Ocean east to west!

Only the winds will guide, you will learn how to do deep sea fishing, as well as live an unforgettable human and sailing experience.

Almerimar-Gribaltar-Canary Islands

A 800nm route that starts at the beginning of November. Leaving the Mediterranean and sailing into the ocean through Gibraltar is always emotional. People with lack of experience of a long passage may start with this route: it takes about a week of sailing.

Canary Islands-Martinique

The real crossing. It typically starts around the end of November, the 2.900nm cross takes about three weeks... only the winds will guide.
west to east

Sailing the Atlantic Ocean west to east!

Crossing the Atlantic by sail is an experience for life, marked by the wind, the relationship among cruisers, and the surrounding natures.


It is strongly recommended for adventurous and experienced sailor-men. Someone has named as the the real Atlantic  crossing. It’s much harder than the opposite crossing because you need to sail as much as we possible counter-wind. The first part takes around a week in order to reach the 30th parallel, then you may find more favourable winds.
We leave at the beginning of April from Martinique and sail for 2.700 nm to Faial, the most western island of the Azores Archipelago.


We leave the Azores and sail for 1.000 nm to reach Almeria, Spain.Weather conditions can be harsh in this last step: dead calms, gales, fair winds, sun and continuous rain.

Are you dreaming of an unique adventure?

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