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A sailing cruise is the perfect vacation to fully enjoy life at sea! 

The following tours are our standard solution,but we are flexible to modify according to your requests.

Northern Sardinia and Corsica

Northern Sardinia and Corsica:
a sailing paradise!

Clear waters, fair winds, tens of little islands to find shelter for the night.
Chartering a boat with an experienced skipper is indeed necessary in the Bonifacio Strait, but our skippers have been sailing over the years, so that you experience a real and relaxed sailing.

Northern of Sardinia

1 week sailing route

Day 1: Check-in at 18:00 in Caniggione
Day 2: Heading to Caprera Island, La Maddalena
Day 3: Crossing Bonifacio Strait, Island of Cavallo (Corsica), Rondinara Bay
Day 4: Sailing in Bonifacio strait to Lavezzi
Day 5: Lavezzi bays, Bonifacio town to spend the evening
Day 6: Bonifacio towards Piana Island, Budelli
Day 7: Pink Beach, Spargi Island, in the afternoon we return to our base in Cannigigone
Bravers Salors Ultreya
Ionian Greece

Ionian Greece

The Ionian islands is a group of 7 principle islands withe most cosmopolitan the island of Corfu.

The Ionian sea offers well protected waters, many little anchorages, accessible only by boat.

You start your sailing holidays from Lefkas, down to the south to explore the picturesque islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and Mongonissi, the Mourtos and Parja and Preveza in the mainland as well as sailing down to the south to Lefkas, Ithaki, Keffalonia and Zante

The wind during the summer is normally coming from North West force 2-5 bft, picking up at noon and going down late in the afternoon with the sunset. It si also noticed that light Easterly wind may blow at force 1-2 bft.
The weather conditon in the area are extremely favorable for relaxing family sailing

Ionian Greece

1 week sailing route

Day 1: Check-in at 18:00
Day 2: Lefkas - Vathi (Meganissi)
Day 3: Vathi - Vathi (Ithaki)
Day 4: Ithaki - Fiscardo (Kefalonia)
Day 5: Fiscardo - Vassiliki (Lefkas)
Day 6: Vassiliki - Nidri (Lefkas)
Day 7: Nidri - Lefkas
Day 8: Check-out at 09:00


Ionian Greece

2 week sailing route

Day 1: Check-in at 17:00
Day 2: Lefkas - Meganissi
Day 3: Meganissi - Sivota (mainland)
Day 4: Sivota - Fiscardo (Kefalonia)
Day 5: Fiscardo - Ithaki
Day 6: Ithaki - Kalamos
Day 7: Kalamos - Sivota
Day 8: Sivota - Kefalonia
Day 9: Kefalonia - Skinari (Zakynthos)
Day 10: Skinary - Kefalonia
Day 11: Kefalonia - Poros (Zakyntos)
Day 12: Poros - Vathi (Ithaki)
Day 13: Vathi - Meganissi
Day 14: Meganissi - Lefkas
Day 15: Check-out at 09:00


Martinique sits between St. Lucia and Dominica in the Lesser Antilles. The volcanic-formed island offers international visitors a little bit of everything - from delectable French-Creole cuisine to exotic black-sand beaches and scenic hiking excursions.

Set against a backdrop of lush tropical rainforests, forested mountain tops and dazzling shorelines, a Martinique sailing yacht lets you reap the benefits of the island’s tropical climate and desirable cruising conditions. With line-of-sight navigation in your favour and reasonable distances in between anchorages, itineraries are both fun-filled and flexible. Martinique’s cruising grounds provide buoys and moorings balls throughout.

The coastline is kissed by secluded harbours, prime snorkelling spots, as well as a handful of hot springs.
Other destinations
There is no set in stone sailing route for the Caribbean.
Feel free to ask our experienced sailors further info!

Make your dream come true

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